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About Us

Salwa Ibrahim

Chief Operating Officer

For more than 15 years, Salwa has been leading strategic change and business transformation through process improvements, automation, and team building. Whether managing a complex cross-functional project, identifying trends and related solutions, or coaching and mentoring staff members, she starts by considering the best strategies to move an organization forward while creating a sustainable pathway for ongoing success.

Because of her broad experience in operations, technology, healthcare, and construction, Salwa has developed a comprehensive understanding of market trends, best practices, and the legislative landscape, which allows her to adjust and redesign workflow to accommodate external changes in a way that helps meet business objectives.

As a coach, Salwa has focused on empowering team members across all organizational levels, ensuring optimal allocation of resources for projects, programs, and maintenance of existing protocols. By leveraging her training and demonstrated application of Lean and Six Sigma principles, Salwa adds value to an organization through guiding positive organizational change and quality-focused initiatives.