About Us

Mission & Values

As a commercial and residential builder, we have managed and built projects across the United States - ranging from Luxury Waterfront Homes and home improvement, to larger commercial projects, such as major chain restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, and coffee shops.

Being visionaries, we are able to see things taking shape before others. This unique ability has served US Builders Team well with a “first mover’s advantage” into the understanding of developing property with location,
budgeting, and supply-and-demand kept well in mind.
The mold for US Builders Team was built around our team’s extensive experience and relied heavily upon our raw energy and never-ending passion for envisioning the end result. We are known to empower our clients to realize their vision without limitations.

This passion for empowering the client has enabled US Builders Team to continue its success as one of Washington’s premier construction companies. We hold our standards and values at PAR with every project. Values such as teamwork, exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty, strong leadership and planning, quality, safety, and attention to detail are all priority values to US Builders Team.

It is these values that guarantee the success of your project from the start. Our collaborative process engages all stakeholders in defining project goals to eliminate potential risks and challenges.