Micheal (Rusty) Jones- Senior Project Manager

With over 35 years of construction experience, Michael (Rusty) knows how to effectively work with project coordinators, managers, surveyors, vendors, designers, clients and tradesmen to successfully complete various projects. His expertise also includes working on larger building improvements, preventative maintenance, and repairs.

While working at Harborview Medical Center for over 10 years, Michael designed various ergonomic work spaces for medical staff throughout the hospital. One of his accomplishments was the design, construction, implementation, organization, and flow of the MAGIC commode and stretcher cleaning machine as well as other peripheral DME (durable medical equipment) storage and transportation equipment (patent pending). Michael has spearheaded multiple noise initiative prototypes and their implementations throughout his construction career in healthcare.

During his time of 25 years working on the custom high end residential housing market, Michael gained a wealth of knowledge and superb problem solving skills in some of the finest homes in the pacific northwest.

Michael’s many years of experience as well as his on-the-fly engineering abilities, have a direct collaboration with his strong organizational skills making him our preferred superintendent to work your project.